Buy Christmas Gifts Online - Bublé to my ears

Posted: Nov 08 2015

Oh I LOVE Christmas.  Some traditions have changed since I was a kid, mainly due to snow being replaced by scorching sunshine, and sprouts taking a firm back seat to shrimps and a potato salad, but one thing that has remained consistent is my love for Christmas shopping.

Despite fond memories of traipsing back and forth to The Oracle car park in Reading to unload bags and top up the car parking ticket, or 'quickly popping' back to M&S for for some extra rose gold wrapping paper and matching ribbon, I must say that I have become quite fond of the online mosey.  

Online gifting is a shopping experience void of queues and aching feet.   It is a retail rendezvous that permits gift selection in the comfort of your  PJ's sipping on a icy cold G&T, and best of all it is a shopping centre that is still open for business when you have finished all the other paraphernalia that needs attending to throughout the silly season.  Ahhhh tell me that is not Bublé to your ears?!

If you looking for a special little something for someone this Christmas and aren't quite sure what to get them,  have a saunter at your leisure around our Unique Christmas Gifts for ideas and inspiration.  From Secret Santa presents and cute personalised stocking fillers to premium cheese knives and bespoke cocktail stirrers we have Christmas wrapped up and delivered at the click of a button.  My personal favourite is the For Santa Mince Pie Marker that shall be making its' debut under our tree this year, although I think I might be calling in the Naughty and Nice Hot Chocolate spoons to assist in the annual behaviour deterioration that seems to come hand in hand with the imminent arrival of the big fella in the red suit.  

On that note, I bid you all a peaceful Christmas shopping season, whether your wine be mulled or adding a spritz to your Mimosa! 


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