Mayonnaise and Mothers Day

Posted: Apr 04 2016

NB. Knowledge of the Walt Disney classic about the Nanny with the large umbrella and a fondness for Chimney Sweeps, may be of benefit prior to reading this post.

This morning I put mayonnaise on my muesli, a huge dollop of S&W all over my breakie bowl. Following not one, not two, but three mouthfuls, my tastebuds woke up. With one eyeball half open I looked at the jar sat in front of me. Yup, 1 x large jar with a bright blue lid, definitely not 1 x small white tub with picture of tropical coconut palm on the wrapper.

Life with a newborn is a sweet life... until you start messing with your condiments, then it starts to taste a bit funky. Luckily, it's nothing that a coffee won't fix, even if you need to re-heat it twice in the microwave. As I sit here typing this little post with a 5 week old sleeping next to me, I know I wouldn't change it for the world, no matter how bad the meal misdemeanours may become. Being a mum is pretty damn awesome.

Next Monday I shall bid farewell to my mum, having shipped her over from the UK for an 8 week stint as Mary Poppins on steroids. Something tells me mayonnaise will be the least of my worries this time next week. I am dedicating this little post to you Ma and ahead of Aussie Mothers Day on May 8th (always confusing) I want to wish you the happiest of Mother's Days, you are simply the best.

In between re-familiarising myself with full time mum life, Carly (our chief Spoonette) and I, have started to prepare some beautiful commissioned pieces of cutlery for mothers, grandmothers and generally awesome females across the land. If you are stuck for ideas take a look here at some of our most popular hand stamped pieces, or if you need some assistance in creating a bespoke gift for your mum this mothers day you can drop us a line at hello@theculterycommission.com.au.

If I hadn't already sent my Mamma a spoon from the UK site I think I would opt for 'Practically perfect in every way' hand-stamped on a Heavy Floral Teaspoon. In keeping with the Poppins theme, should I receive a commissioned piece myself it might read, "A spoonful of mayo helps the muesli go down, in the most delightful way."

Happy Shopping and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mammas and Mary Poppins of the world out there!

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